Sunday, January 14, 2007

Round 1.... I was tryign to use warm colors (reds, oranges and yellows)... and... I decided I don't really enjoy the orange effect I was getting this afternoon. I've put orange away for now.

Then I took a small break and here are the results of Round 2... in round two i selected a whole different set of colors out of the box... which (since they came from some random guy near Milwaukee) I have no idea what colors are supposed to turn out like what or if they are the kind of color that needs an oxidizing flame or a reducing flame, so.... the results of my playing with hot glass are likely to be pretty hit-or-miss until I figure out what's what in the box of glass wonders :) I do quite like the 'celestial' effects I achieved in Round 2... coming up this week? attempting to repeat an "effect" or a "design" in roughly the same size as each other... wish me luck.


11frogs said...

Oooh, the last ones are cool - celestial or something. I actually kind of like the second one with the orange - the one with orange and red. Maybe it looks a little off when you pair it with the blue.

loud said...

I want one!

Jen C. in SF said...

These are fabulous!