Thursday, March 13, 2008

On recent titles....

In case you were wondering.... no, I haven't turned in to one of those conceptual art people who fill the MFA programs these days.... I'm vaguely, occasionally working on ways to make it look like I might be conceptual without actually putting too much thought/effort in to it.... or perhaps making a little fun of the folks who try so hard to be obscure/deep/whatever.... check it out: All of those titles for my most recent prints were found by hitting the "Random Search" button on wikipedia :) rockin'! There's only one that I changed because I thought the idea of a "freetrog" was much more interesting than a "treefrog" (no offense to any frog loving people who I know read this blog ;)

Here are links to the articles, in case you are bored & want to read more about them:
  1. ESILV

  2. White Guard

  3. Lemon ice box pie

  4. Hispaniolan Giant Treefrog

  5. Sheffield urban area

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