Monday, July 07, 2008

June intentions

should I be keeping a list of what last month's goals were so I can see what my progress was? Hmmm.....

June intentions:
- finish up 2 print exchanges
- consider participating in a photograph exchange
- finish installing the new side screen door
- mat and/or frame a bunch of stuff
- begin a woodworking project (a table!)
- paint the 3.5'x7.5' paintings at D's (or at least *start* them)
- re-do the patio furniture
- re-wire kiln
- track down one last ceiling tile painter.... who happens to be my roommate!
- post photos of those last few tiles
- rehab clay & glazes
- create the window!
--- grind down the edges
--- wash & dry all pieces
--- wrap with copper foil
--- burnish the copper foil
--- solder the window
--- ?patina?
--- install the window
- play with hot glass

.....ummm this was definitely too long for this month.... yikes.

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