Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yellow Orange Passion Blend

Here you see two projects in one.... first, the small garden path I'm going to finish before the ground freezes. Last night I was raking leaves in different patterns to lay out the shape of the path once and for all (much easier than moving all the rocks, which is what I was doing before). Turns out I need more rocks.

Second, you can see the oodles of bulbs I bought last week. Allium, fritillaria, tiny dwarf iris, anemone, camassia, crocus, narcissus, and tulips. About 265 bulbs total at the moment, and I may possibly get a few more tulips. Maybe. An alternate subject or title for this post could be "Glutton for punishment". I do this every year to the tune of 100-300 new bulbs. And every year I complain about what a pain it is. But then every spring I am hap-hap-happy to see all the new flowers in my yard. Except for last year. Last year I didn't plant any and this spring my yard seemed just a little less festive, a little less full than it could have been. So this year I maybe might be trying to make up for it ... just a little (^_^) "Yellow Orange Passion Blend" is my most exciting bag of bulbs thus far --- they are crazy designer narcissus in all sorts of double & triple formations. Can't wait to see them --- check back in ~6 months for an update!

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