Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Installing the path!

First the digging up of sod and sod and more dirt. Luckily J came over and graciously helped me accomplish this in less than 1/2 the time it would have taken if I were by myself:

Then a layer of pebbles:

Then a layer of sand and the first few rocks:

Then more rocks:

Then dirt!

And this one doesn't really need to be posted - I found some "stepables" --- plants that can be walked over, but even splitting 8 containers of various tough, low ground cover type plants .... it still looks mostly like dirt around all the field stones.

AH well. At least all this rain has helped enormously in the "settling" of these rocks. I may try seeding the cracks if I can decide on what exactly I want growing there. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Well, creeping charlie always does well at my house! LOL

Fieldstone path looks awesome! and it looks like a ton of hard work ~

KittyWithClaws said...

If you need plants, you totally know to call me, right? Cuz I have, like, tons :P

But why in heaven's name would you want plants ruining that gorgeous path??