Friday, October 23, 2009

Kitchen Rack

I know i promised you kitchen before/after, but i still can't quite bring myself to address those pictures. Also, I'm still only at 70% done (essentially same as I was last December) which is depressing, and apparently I've freaked out my mother a little bit because I want to "gamble" with the system and see if I can finish the remaining 30% in time for guests to come over for Christmas :)


Here's a small project from last weekend --- I finally found and installed racks for hanging glassware out of the way of other stuff. YAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

Think about kitchen sink for Christmas with a houseful of guests.
Doesn't that spell S-T-R-E-S-S
for you?

Sleep late... dream more. said...

it's only stress for me if people start attempting to create their own sink w/ the exposed pumbing & end up with a big puddle on the floor instead :P it's not stress, it's excitemnet! like buying a lottery ticket, but BETTER because eventually I *will* have a complete kitchen & I can't say that about having large-ticket winning lottery numbers right.....