Sunday, March 26, 2006

in the hopes of keeping myself a bit more on task, here is a list of art-type projects that I have in progress somewhere on the premises:
  • sterling silver jewelry
  • light switch covers
  • sand-blasted glassware
  • a stained glass window (for my bathroom)
  • a wall-shelf to be mosaiced (also for my bathroom)
  • a bowling ball for my yard (to be mosaiced)
  • styrofoam insulation blocks --- to be glued together, sculpted, covered with a ~4 inch layer of flying cement and then treated with an interesting surface treatment (mosaics, paint, and a few other texture-related plans) and sealed with envirotex
  • a dresser to re-finish
  • back porch to tile
  • mosaic project for bathroom #2 (wall/sink/nook plan)
  • a couple of other, smaller glass/mosaic ideas
  • a number of fabric projects (some re-cycling, some quilting, some batik-ing, some just fixing things)
  • a number of paintings (acrylic and watercolors)

and now.... now i think i see what my 'problem' is... i need to pick one or two to focus on and THEN go on to the others... i think tomorrow I'll photograph the things i've done for April 1st SpringFest and see if I can figure out how to x-post to TCEKU...

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