Friday, April 21, 2006

Re-Store and Recycle --- Earth Day 2006

Tomorrow is an earth day festival at a local Habitat for Humanities Re-Store. I will be there, pretending to be a recycle artist. Noon - 4pm. The 'pretending' is there for the word 'artist'. Apparently i still have issues with beign called an artist. A good half of the things i make/do are in fact recycled. it's much more fun to be given boundaries and make it into a game to see how crazy/fun/beautiful/useful/outrageous/interesting you can make something within some pre-determined framework. Variations on a theme can be very satisfying. In the last 4 days I've made an extra 8 light switch covers and a couple of pairs of earrings in a new style (thicker wire, better designs). If I had more energy I'd post pictures. Maybe tomorrow.

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11frogs said...

Glad the show was successful. Also glad my blog has been amended to note your much valued readership and artistic prowess!