Saturday, May 26, 2007

Latvian Easter Eggs


Start with raw eggs, onion skins, various vaguely edible things to put in along w/ the eggs (these are not needed if all you want is to make them brown), and old nylons/tights/pantyhose. Wrap eggs with onion skins and other misc things (pasta, rice, grass, tapioca, etc...). Tie off the nylon/casing inbetween each egg to keep all the stuff pressed up against the egg. Wherever that stuff is pressing will be less accessible to the dye coming from the onion skins, which will give your eggs a wide range of color, going from pale yellows all the way into a deep deep brown and sometimes you'll even get greens & purples, too!

Boil eggs ~30 minutes... Cool eggs and cut the casing open.

Admire the eggs... each one is different!

We did regular eggs, too!

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