Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blogging by mail!!!

SO, a full week after this package arrived... I am getting around to posting it. Apologies for the delay....

Last week Tuesday I came home to find a package from Amelia on my doorstep! Check it out:

There's everything a girl might want in this box (^_^) food, tools, and things to make me pretty!

In all we have here: two different kinds of dark chocolate (one with ginger and one with sea salt), some tasty looking canned goods (chow-chow, pear preserves, and a jar of green pepper jelly --- this green pepper jelly is the one I'm currently most curious about.... what do I do with it? Hmmmmmm. There will be some recipe investigation on that one for sure.), some gravy (I love gravy!), some black bean soup mix (MmMmMmmmm... perfect for fall weather), a silcon-lined hotpad to protect me while trying out all these new ingredients, some lovely silk-screened cards, the bestest smelling rosemary-mint soap, and two necklaces --- which I tried on immediately, of course:

Thank you Amelia from Georgia!

(I wish I knew which of the 117 websites was yours, so I could give you proper credit for this by linking to you :) and, I confess, I'm also curious to learn a little more about the person who sent this lovely stuff my way.

And thank you, too, to Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness for coordinating a fun blogging event like this! Check out the other folks who participated, if you have time and/or are curious.


Morven said...

What an awesome selection of goodies. You got some great stuff.

asides said...

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I am glad you liked the package. I have seen the green pepper jelly eaten with lamb or as a side on bread to a rich meal on toasty bread,or in thumb print cookies, not a fav of mine, but a fun southern staple none the less.

lauras.treehouse said...

Laima, beautiful snow gypsy, you remind me to make art, every time i see your blog. thank you. the kitties are so adorable. i am looking forward to getting to see you soon, friend. laura from spotted cow land. :)